Born 1964.

Education: higher, medicine

Occupation: neurologist, psychotherapist, negotiation psychologist

Has engaged in teaching communicative strategies and applied psychology since 1991 by way of proprietary workshops, workshop courses at business faculties, as a guest corporate training psychologist at various companies (specialised in preparing an expansion group and entering new markets). Has had his own business in Central Europe since 1994 (preparing and supporting negotiations on various levels, psychological analysis, forecast of the situation and various subjects within one, extinguishing conflict, multicultural relations, anti-stress psychotherapy, workshops on the art of conducting commercial dialogue, personal growth, group management etc.). Workshops have been conducted in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Russia, Israel, the U.S.

Author of a special "Psychological Hygiene" [«Психогигиена»] programme which was part of his candidate's thesis in applied psychology.

Conducts active individual consulting in the form of personal meetings, Web contacts.