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100% practical seminar "Harmonius team and importance of emotions"


Asta Alishauskiene (LT), Business consultant

Its two days inspirational seminar for your teem workers, which aim is to learn to understand colleagues, clients and yourself better with help of emotional perception and management. That will determine more effective teem work and higher results of work. You get to know with main principles and ways helping to handle your rising emotions. Keep cool both mentally and physically. Let employees to get in with employers in informal atmosphere. Experience a lot of forgotten senses.

What’s the use for company/teem:

  • Increasing emotional belonging of teem workers.
  • Value and rely more positive upon each other.
  • Teem workers increase their self – help and initiative.
  • Improvement in individual and teem work efficiency.
  • Increasing motivation of employees.
  • Developing creativity of employees. 

On seminar participants will learn:

  • Place confidence in their self and teem.
  • Realize their aims and values.
  • Realize their emotions.
  • Exercises for breathing and attention concentrating.
  • Various ways of meditation (visualization, art and music therapy).

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