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Importance of IMAGE in sale


Juris Belte (LT), Employer, business consultant, trainer, certified NLP and coaching specialist
Maris Belte (LV), Employer, doctor-psychotherapist, workshop teacher, Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and coaching specialist

  • Preface. What is image? How to create an image? Who does that?
  • Image importance to doctor, when choosing prescription.
  • Image significance in ever increasing rivalry.
  • Company’s image, its medicament image, representative’s image – constituent parts and interdependences.
  • How to create a positive exclusive image?
  • “Speak” phenomenon;
  • Representative’s personal attributes in image formation.
  • Continuous image sustentation. Image sustentation companies.
  • Creation of image bearing in mind doctor’s psychological type and state.
  • Sale visit, which main purpose is to create positive and exclusive image in client’s eyes.
  • Simulation of image formation visit – practical video exercise with analysis and personal image formation with algorithms.

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