AMBA trainings

Management of personnel motivation


Gundega Antone (LV), Sales manager in company "Fitania", School of Medical representatives teacher

  • Individuality at work.
    • Types of individualities at work – our big and harmonious family…
    • Work motivation – is workaholism inheritable?
  • Loyalty for company.
    • Parts of loyalty – why does it obtain better?
    • Creation of loyalty – what kind of work you don’t leave?
  • Trust in others and your company.
    • Components of trust – power of distrust...
    • Making trust.
    • How to get back and keep trust - which gets the second chance?
  • Management.
    • Types of managers – my darling and unrepeatable manager…
    • Management and leadership.
    • Management of sectional processes – I want to know what’s going on!

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